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 My rule bind.

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PostSubject: My rule bind.   Mon Apr 13, 2009 10:07 am

Here is my rule bind.
Just copy and paste in to your CFG.

set rule1 "say ^?>^7Spawnkilling Whit Heavy Weapons And Arty, Disallowed^?.; set rulez vstr rule2
set rule2 "say ^?>^7Speak English Or Dutch In Main Chat^?.; set rulez vstr rule3
set rule3 "say ^?>^7No Offensive Or Disrespecting Language^?.; set rulez vstr rule4
set rule4 "say ^?>^7Whit Problems, Post On Site^?.; set rulez vstr rule5
set rule5 "say ^?>^7Play This Game Fair, Don't Hack & Cheat^?.; set rulez vstr rule6
set rule6 "say ^?>^7Walljumping, Trickjumping & Bugging Is Allowed.^?.; set rulez vstr rule1

set rulez "vstr rule1"
bind j vstr rulez

This is all binded on one button.

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My rule bind.
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